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TyreMart India is a digital platform to SELL and BUY tyres online for a wide range of Tyres

One - Stop - Solution

Buyers / Sellers from all segments of vehicle industry can deal with a wide range of Tyre brands

Express Delivery

Providing service to members to deliver of tiers Pan India without any hassle

Our services

    In a nutshell, TyreMart India offers the following range of services to our customers:

  • Registrations and Enrolment of members ,associates,channel partners etc
  • Giving opportunity and helping members for generation and growth of business
  • Suggesting logistics solutions to the member
  • Registered dealers/members will be able to make and update their own Profile page which includes their all information
  • Registered dealers will be able to upload stock list on website
  • Enabling members to avail -BUY and SELL- tyres offered/uploaded in Tyre Basket Section
  • Providing information of products and services related to tyre industry
  • Updating latest news,happenings and future growth to members related to tyre industry
  • Working as platform for promotions/advertisement of products/services
  • Providing opportunity to overseas Members for offering their Products and Services related to Tyre industry
  • Platform to members for giving suggestions,views,representations etc
  • Platform for exchange of tyres , sale of old and stock lot tyres
  • Product section with availability of tyres of all Indian tyre companies
  • Providing service to members of delivery of tyres to their customers Pan India without losing customer
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About Us

‘TyreMart India is country's first one of its kind online portal for SELLING & BUYING all types of TYRES. It’s a Business to Business [B2B] E-commerce website catering to growing modern needs of the industry. ‘TyreMart India is a digital platform to SELL and BUY tyres online for a wide range of Tyres from different segments of 2/3 Wheelers, Cars , SCV, LCV, Bus, Truck, Industrial/Mining, Farm, OTR etc. with an opportunity to meet new prospective clients.


NITIN JATANIA –A Professional ( CA ) associated with tyre industry since last 33 years with wide experience , connections and contacts with Tyre Dealers ,Transporters ,Tyre Manufacturers, Tyre Sales , Service Personnel, Logistics Companies and other services providers nationally and internationally.